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棒球 Baseball   »  zxc906383 的全部發文

[分享] 鄭博壬生涯第四次接任喵喵投教 話說這樣鄭博壬是生涯第四次接任喵喵投教了 台灣棒球維基 https://twbsball.dils.tku.edu.tw/wiki/index.php?title=鄭博壬 鄭博壬 2006年 -- 以簽約金150萬、月薪7萬正式加盟統一獅隊。 2009年 -- 01月16日,統一7-ELEVEn獅隊尾牙宴,意外抽中董事長林蒼生所捐贈的最大獎1 萬塊紅包。 https://i.imgur.com/vAwDoru.jpeg 2009年後退役 中華職棒統一7-ELEVEn獅隊兼任投手教練(2009年08月~2009年11月25日) 中華職棒統一7-ELEVEn獅隊助理投手教練(2009年11月26日~2010年04月) 中華職棒統一7-ELEVEn獅隊投手教練(2011年09月16日~2011年10月) 中華職棒統一7-ELEVEn獅隊投手教練(2013年09月21日~2014年10月29日) 中華職棒統一7-ELEVEn獅隊牛棚教練(2014年10月29日~2016年07月18日) 中華職棒統一7-ELEVEn獅隊投手教練(2016年07月18日~2019年11月24日) 中華職棒統一7-ELEVEn獅隊投手教練(2024年06月16日~) 四次都是季中接替 2011年 -- 09月因原一軍投手教練紀藤真琴自請下二軍,而暫時互換職務直到10月。 2013年 -- 9月下旬因應一軍兼任投手教練的費古洛及兼任助理投手教練的高建三於奪冠關 鍵期的分身乏術,而升調一軍協助。 2016年 -- 統一獅教練團異動!投手教練杜福明轉任牛棚教練,投手教練一職將由原牛棚教 練鄭博壬轉任,將負責比賽投手調度 2024年 -- 統一獅隊近期苦吞本季最長5連敗,今天進行教練團調整,一軍投手教練由鄭博 壬接任,原一軍投手教練羅錦龍轉任一軍牛棚教練,原一軍牛棚教練賴泊凱則調整為二軍投 手教練。 --
[分享] 現在小聯盟的待遇(薪資、住宿、通勤) 在史上第一份小聯盟勞資協議簽署後 小聯盟待遇變好許多 想說就來整理一下 https://reurl.cc/KeRm6q 小聯盟薪資 Salaries 休賽季、春訓薪資 Offseason camp: $625 per week (Previous minimum was $0). In the fall and winter training periods, players receive this amount if they are invited to a team faci lity. If they are not invited but choose to train there, the player receives the below at-home rate. 休賽季若被要求去基地參加訓練營,那一週能領625鎂薪水(以前是沒薪水的) Offseason at home: $250 per week, except the six-week dead period around the hol idays when players cannot be asked to work. Teams cannot direct a player to work more than 10 hours per week at home. (Previous minimum was $0.) 休賽季如果你是待在家,每週可領250鎂薪水(以前是沒薪水的) 然後球隊不可要求你每週在家訓練超過十小時 Spring training: $625 per week (Previous minimum was $0). If a minor leaguer is brought to major league camp, they return to the $625 per week rate only upon be ing reassigned to minor league camp. 小聯盟春訓一週能領625鎂薪水(以前是沒薪水的) Dead period: No pay. 禁止工作週:沒薪水 每個層級保障薪資(2025開始每年會調漲) Minimum annual salaries: The below salaries are for 2023 and 2024. In each of 20 25, 2026 and 2027, they have minor increases year to year. Rookie/complex league: $19,800, up from $4,800 previously Low A: $26,200, up from $11,000 High A: $27,300, up from $11,000 Double A: $30,250, up from $13,800 Triple A: $35,800, up from $17,500 What those salaries break down to on a weekly basis in-season: Rookie/complex league: $675 per week, up from $400 previously Single A: $850 per week, up from $500 High A: $900, up from $500 Double A: $1,000, up from $600 Triple A: $1,200, up from $700 保障年薪 3A $35,800 原本$17,500 2A $30,250 原本$13,800 高A $27,300 原本$11,000 1A $26,200 原本$11,000 新人 $19,800 原本$4,800 如何賺的比保障薪資多? Ability to earn above the minimum Players will now make an extra $375 per week spent working in the offseason. Tha t’s the difference between at-home pay ($250 per week) and offseason camp pay ( $625 per week). So if a player goes to a team facility once the minor league sea son ends for instructional work, they’re receiving more money. 前面有提到 休賽季被要求去基地訓練(週薪625鎂) 休賽季待在家(週薪250鎂) 那如果想多賺錢,也有第三個選項 可以選擇自己主動去基地訓練(週薪375鎂) With pay for spring training and for time spent at complexes, be it extended spr ing training or otherwise, players are to be compensated now for all days they a re working. (This includes rehabilitation work, outside of the dead period.) 只要有工作就一定有薪水領 Per diem: Players receive a per diem of $30 per day (up from $25 previously), wi th cost-of-living adjustments calculated during the agreement. Per diem is to be paid on days players are traveling to or from a team facility, i.e., after swit ching levels or leaving for the end of the season. 然後每天有30鎂津貼 住宿 Housing All players are guaranteed housing except for players who have either a major le ague contract, or minor leaguers earning more than $4,666.67 per week, which wou ld only be players who signed their minor league deal as a free agent. Players a t that earning level can negotiate for club-provided housing in their contract. (Those players are guaranteed housing in spring training and offseason camps lik e everyone else.) 所有小聯盟球員都會提供住宿,除了以下兩種狀況除外 有大聯盟合約的球員 週薪超過$4,666.67的球員 The MLBPA is to receive advance notice of accommodations and can provide feedbac k. Teams are to respect player privacy, and can conduct room inspections or enter a player’s room only when the occupants of the premises are present. 保障球員隱私,球團只能在球員也在現場時進入房間 1.小聯盟春訓時期住宿 Spring training Minor leaguers are to be in hotels or dorms during spring, with no more than two beds per bedroom. 小聯盟春訓時的住宿會在飯店或是公寓 然後一個房間最多住兩人 During spring training, players who have at least 30 days of service in Triple A or Double A — as well as players projected to be on a roster at either of thos e levels — can opt out and receive a stipend. Teams can determine the stipend, but it can be no less than $50 per night and no more than the amount the team wo uld otherwise have spent for housing. (Teams will have to be able to demonstrate that cost.) Teams at their discretion can choose to offer an opt-out under those terms to pl ayers at other levels. 確定被分發到3A/2A、或是在這兩層級年資超過30天的球員 可以選擇不住在球團提供的春訓住宿處 這時球團必須給予每天至少50美金的住宿補助 但也不能高於原本球團提供住宿花費 2.小聯盟球季中主場住宿 At home in-season Host families are not permitted. Extended-stay hotels can be used only with MLBP A approval. Short-term hotels during a rehab assignment or after a player has be en moved to a given team are limited to a maximum of 14 days. 不可以用寄宿家庭 要住飯店須獲得MLB球員工會核准 Once the season begins, Double-A and Triple-A players assigned to an affiliate a nywhere besides the team complexes are to receive their own bedroom. 3A/2A層級的球員會有自己獨享的臥室 Single-A and High-A players may be asked to share a bedroom, but can opt out wi th sufficient notice and receive a stipend. Once again, the individual teams det ermine the amount of the stipend, but it can be no less than $50 per night and n o more than the amount the team would otherwise have spent for housing. (Teams w ill have to be able to demonstrate that cost.) 低A、高A層級球員可能會被要求共用一間臥室 但可以選擇不住,然後球團會給租屋補助自己去租 補助一樣是一天至少50美金 Players who have a spouse and/or children have to give sufficient notice and are to be accommodated in one of two ways: with a “family-friendly” housing optio n or with a stipend. 有攜眷的球員有兩種選擇 可以選擇適合家庭的房型 OR 領補助自己租 The family-friendly housing option guarantees a married player a private bedroo m, while a player with one or more children is guaranteed at least two bedrooms. The stipend would be equal to the actual average rent for players at the affili ate, and no less than $50 per night. 適合家庭的房型內含一個臥房 然後如果有小孩的話,會保證給兩個臥房 All housing is to be a reasonable, commutable distance from the stadium and to i nclude a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, shared living space with typical appliances and furniture. 此外球團提供的住宿處,距離球場都必須在一定的範圍內 並且必須有臥房/浴室/廚房/共享生活空間 並附有基本的電器和家具 Players cannot be required to sign leases or utility agreements, and are not to be responsible for electricity, water, gas, sewage, trash, or Wi-Fi bills, but a re responsible for subscriptions such as Netflix. 租約是由球團負責簽、不是球員 然後球團也要支付水電費/網路費/瓦斯費 但如果是訂閱Netflix的錢,那就要球員自己付了XD 3.小聯盟球季中客場住宿 On the road in-season The commissioner’s office must approve all road hotels, which have safety, secu rity and cleaning standards, and must have high-speed internet. Teams can have p layers share hotel rooms on the road, but can also provide players their own roo m. Minor league player reps will provide regular feedback about hotels to the MLBPA , and the commissioner’s office is expected to investigate valid complaints abo ut them. 要住由大聯盟主席辦公室核准的飯店 代表安全性/整潔都符合聯盟標準,然後一定要有高速的網路 此外小聯盟工會代表會定期提供回饋給聯盟/工會 聯盟會針對有效的投訴進行調查 小聯盟飲食 Meals Teams are to provide high-quality meals both before and after every game and wor kout, and a joint clubhouse nutrition committee is in place to address complaint s. Teams also have to provide cost-effective and nutritious snacks, and at least one NSF Certified for Sport protein supplement. 球隊需在每次比賽和訓練的前後,提供高品質的餐點 並成立營養委員會來處理投訴 此外還必須提供經濟實惠且營養豐富的零食 以及至少一種經過 NSF 認證的運動蛋白質補充劑 小聯盟交通 Transportation 球場通勤 To and from the stadium Rookie, Low-A and High-A players are guaranteed transportation between their dwe lling and the park. Each team is to have a transportation coordinator. Players w ith cars are to cooperate with reasonable requests from the coordinator to allow players who do not have cars to tag along, so long as there’s room in the car. Players may be asked to sign an MLBPA-approved liability waiver when they’re d riven by team officials to and from the park. 新人/低A/高A球員都享有住宿和球場之間的通勤保障 每一隻球隊會有一位協調員 陣中自己有車的球員應配合協調員的合理要求 幫忙接送沒車的隊友 Double-A, Triple-A and Arizona Fall League Players do not have a coordinator or the guarantees of daily transportation. But if a player at one of those levels t ells the MLBPA they don’t have a safe option, the league and the union will wor k together to address the issue. 2A以上就沒有通勤保障或是協調員 但如果找不到安全通勤方式的話,那工會和聯盟會幫你處理 個人通勤 Individual travel If a team sends a player somewhere and the player drives, the player is guarante ed reimbursement at the IRS mileage rate for the full length of the trip (with n o cap), as well as a hotel room for multi-day trips. The hotel room is subject t o club approval that it is necessary. If a player flies, they receive a coach ti cket, luggage reimbursement for up to two checked bags — three for catchers — and transportation to and from the airport. 如果球員被指派到其他地方,並由球員自行駕車去的話 將依照標準里程計算率來補助你這趟車程的$$$$ 而且如果這趟旅程超過一天,也會提供飯店住宿 如果是選擇搭飛機去 將獲得一張經濟艙機票+最多兩件托運行李+往返機場的交通服務 If a team does not let a player drive from spring training to their affiliate wh en camp breaks, the player is to be reimbursed for shipping the car, provided th ere was adequate notice given that the player wanted to bring his car. 此外如果球團不允許球員在春訓結束後 自己開車,從春訓基地開去被分發的球隊 那球團也會支付把車子送過去的運費 球隊通勤 Team travel Teams will have two full-size buses for all road trips. If a trip is more than 2 50 miles, they receive sleeper or luxury buses (as long as they’re available). On plane rides, players receive a coach seat, reasonable luggage fees and transp ortation to and from the airport. In Triple A, for trips longer than 550 miles, the league and the union will discuss whether a trip should be by plane or bus. 球隊會有兩台大尺寸巴士用於全隊通勤 如果行程超過250英里,他們將獲得臥舖或是坐豪華巴士 如果是搭飛機,球員可以獲得經濟艙座位以及往返機場的交通服務 而在3A層級,對於超過550英里的行程,聯盟和工會將討論應該乘坐飛機或是搭車 -- 欸 我翻錯了QQ 是津貼沒錯 不是餐費 https://i.imgur.com/9xVUHOo.jpeg 一天至少50美,一個月是1500鎂啊 小聯盟多半在鄉下小城市 租的到吧
[分享] 航海日誌:拉美球員的英文 海盜隊台灣翻譯的podcast航海日誌 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAgydh9DAsk 57:15開始是聊拉美球員的英文 提到宗哲和柏毓有固定早上會載一位拉美隊友去球場 而這位隊友本身英文很爛,所以他們有找另一位拉美隊友幫忙翻譯跟他說 由於比賽結束後,宗哲和柏毓要做一些恢復 所以如果他賽後趕著要回去,可能要去找其他人載他 只不過不知為啥,這位隊友還真的每天賽後坐在那等 有時還等了一個小時 只不過看起來表情不太開心xd 之後有一次柏毓傳訊息(明天出發時間)給這位隊友 然後隊友回傳一串看不懂的訊息 看起來是說明天他可以自己去,不用載 柏毓就再次確認說是否不用載,對方也說對 結果明天早上,這位隊友還是出現在車子前面 之後翻譯就好奇去問,也得知海盜是有提供英文課給這些拉美球員上的 像台灣球員一週也都有一堂英文課能上(提到連去很久的黃暐傑都持續有在上) 但拉美球員太爛散不想上,所以完全沒用QQ 加上小聯盟在簽署史上第一份勞資協議後 待遇比以前好很多,不論薪水還是住宿(記得之前集數,翻譯有說他拿到的住宿津貼很多xdd ) 裡面也規定非球季時間不能強迫參與訓練,否則要支薪 這也讓球團其實也沒辦法強迫它們去上英文課 此外多明尼加球員又是英文最爛的 因為他們幾乎在小學後就放棄學習,專心打球了 像前面提到的這位拉美隊友(來自多明尼加) 甚至西語訊息給他,他可能都看不懂= = -- 話說另一個聽到的有趣的分享 1:05:58開始 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=povttBIxK_E 提到美職基地網路是有設置色情守門員的XDD 因為常常有中南美未成年球員會去那邊訓練 --
[新聞] 一直找外援傷成本 葉總提出洋將傷兵名單 一直找外援很傷成本 葉總提出「洋將傷兵名單制度」 https://sports.ltn.com.tw/news/breakingnews/4700317 不只統一獅目前二軍有「備案」洋投凱力士,味全龍二軍也有荷雷拉在待命,龍隊教頭葉君 璋認為中職對於洋將名額設限並無不妥,但他從另一種角度發想,若洋將只因受傷就被迫要 換掉找新外援,對球團成本也是很大負擔,「我覺得可以去考量洋將傷兵名單制度,讓洋將 在受傷期間,可以找另一名洋將去替代。」 中職現役洋將名額制度是每隊可註冊4人、一軍登錄3人,新軍台鋼則可註冊5人、一軍登錄4 人。像獅隊現在有3名先發洋投勝騎士、布雷克和羅昂在輪,第4名洋投裴瑞茲則成牛棚支柱 ,總教練林岳平說:「凱力士本來是我們設定的第4號先發洋投,裴瑞茲是第5號,但因為牛 棚比較薄弱的狀況下,就改變陣型,讓他來當中繼,就讓凱力士變成第5號。我也知道凱力 士一定會等得很煎熬。」 不只獅隊,龍隊也有在二軍待命的荷雷拉,總教練葉君璋認為他的狀況愈來愈好,但仍坦言 ,「荷雷拉是備案,在台灣就是一旦換了,那個人就不能換回來了,等於是增加球隊的成本 而已。」 葉總接著說起另一種情況,假設洋將是出現受傷狀況,「就像那時候的布雷悍在4個註冊名 單之內,但他受傷,我到底要不要把他換掉,如果我沒換他,我等於兩個月沒有第3個洋將 可用。」葉總指出,這可以讓聯盟和各隊去思考一個點,「我覺得可以去考量,可以有一個 時間點,像是一、兩個月的洋將傷兵名單,我是說是不是可以用這種制度,可以找一個人來 代替,我認為這是可以考慮的。」 「本土沒有這個問題,但洋將會有這個狀況,本土就是有那麼多人可以變動,但洋將的規則 跟本土不一樣,或許可以用這個制度。」葉總強調,因為這些都是成本,但這種的洋將傷兵 名單不可能是1、2週,一定要至少1、2個月,「如果有洋將傷兵制度,在1名洋投進入傷兵 名單時,就可以暫時讓另1名洋投替補,就不用說一直找洋將,好比今年找5、6個、就用這 些人,不用說一直找。」 --
[情報] 韓職已擺脫舊世代和男性為主的形象 https://m.sports.naver.com/kbaseball/article/396/0000678862 今年韓職票房持續火燙 而過去韓職以舊世代和男性為主的形象,如今也蕩然無存 現在年輕粉絲、女性粉絲的數量正在大幅上升 根據韓國職業體育協會發表的調查書 2022年韓職14-19歲球迷占比是8.9%,而在去年這數字已上升到14.9% 以斗山熊為例子,他們去年的20多歲以下球迷占比高達78.5% 首爾另外一支英雄隊也升到67.9% 而至於高度關注(擁有球衣)的比例 斗山 92.7% 英雄 90.4% 年輕粉絲具有積極消費、坦率表達的特點 這也有助於吸引到新的球迷,形成了一個良性循環 聯盟和球隊本身也很致力開發MZ世代的球迷 例如和年輕人喜歡的時尚品牌合作等等 KBO整體女性粉絲比例也在去年上升到57.1% 原因就是之前講的球員偶像化 https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Baseball/M.1716349035.A.6A1.html 過去球迷焦點可能是在球隊身上,但現在不少是放在球員身上的 所以球團也順勢推出聚焦在球員身上的行銷來吸引球迷 類似球員日的活動大幅增加 最後新聞的結語 積極消費和展示獨特熱情的消費者群體增加是一個值得熱烈歡迎的現象 這將使棒球熱潮不僅僅是短期現象,而是長期持續的基礎 而球團整體收入的增加,也能促進棒球基礎的發展 形成一個良性循環 -- #1c2XXkKy (Baseball) #1bYZjX0E (Baseball) #1cD7nS79 (Baseball)
[分享] 中職六隊洋投迄今成績 富邦悍將 R 羅戈 G:10 GS:10 IP:54.1 ERA:1.99 WHIP:1.22 均147km 墨聯 R 布藍登 G:7 GS:7 IP:32.2 ERA:3.86 WHIP:1.53 均145km 墨聯 R 富藍戈 G:23 GS:0 IP:21.1 ERA:0.84 WHIP:1.17 均153km 續留 L 道鉑戈 G:1 GS:1 IP:6.0 ERA:0.00 WHIP:0.83 均137km 回鍋中職 釋出 R 戈威士 G:5 GS:5 IP:23.1 ERA:6.17 WHIP:1.71 均146km 回鍋中職 中信兄弟 R 猛登 G:10 GS:10 IP:60.2 ERA:2.67 WHIP:1.12 均146km 3A L 艾士特 G:10 GS:9 IP:53.2 ERA:2.68 WHIP:1.19 均150km 續約 L 德保拉 G:8 GS:8 IP:48.2 ERA:3.88 WHIP:1.27 均145km 續約 L 克迪 韓職 L 象魔力 續約 艾士特怎麼變那麼快了 https://i.imgur.com/KsxraUV.jpeg 樂天桃猿 R 威能帝 G:10 GS:10 IP:63.2 ERA:2.83 WHIP:1.21 均145km 續約 L 魔神樂 G:6 GS:5 IP:37.1 ERA:1.93 WHIP:1.26 均140km 墨聯 L 霸威斯 G:7 GS:7 IP:36.1 ERA:4.95 WHIP:1.84 均146km 日職 R 鈴木駿輔 G:5 GS:3 IP:20.0 ERA:7.20 WHIP:2.15 均145km BC聯盟 L 肯特 統一獅 R 勝騎士 G:8 GS:8 IP:51.0 ERA:1.94 WHIP:1.06 均145km 回鍋 R 布雷克 G:5 GS:5 IP:32.2 ERA:1.65 WHIP:1.04 均141km 續約 R 裴瑞茲 G:18 GS:0 IP:31.1 ERA:1.44 WHIP:1.28 均151km MLB & 3A R 羅昂 G:6 GS:6 IP:35.1 ERA:2.80 WHIP:1.02 均145km 續約 L 凱力士 3A 味全龍 R 艾璞樂 G:8 GS:8 IP:47.2 ERA:3.21 WHIP:1.15 均147km 回鍋中職 R 伍鐸 G:7 GS:7 IP:39.1 ERA:2.75 WHIP:1.32 均139km 續約 L 銳歐 G:26 GS:0 IP:32.2 ERA:1.10 WHIP:0.80 均143km 3A R 鋼龍 G:5 GS:5 IP:28.1 ERA:3.49 WHIP:1.27 均145km 續約 R 荷雷拉 日職 R G:7 GS:7 IP:42.2 ERA:2.11 WHIP:0.87 均139km BC聯盟 L G:6 GS:6 IP:39.0 ERA:2.31 WHIP:1.03 均144km 2A L G:3 GS:3 IP:17.0 ERA:3.18 WHIP:1.53 均136km 日職 L G:14 GS:0 IP:13.1 ERA:4.73 WHIP:1.20 均150km 邊疆聯盟 R 回鍋中職 洋投ERA 統一 1.98(150.1IP) 台鋼 2.65(112.0IP) 味全 2.68(148.0IP) 富邦 2.88(137.2IP) 中信 3.04(163.0IP) 桃猿 3.66(157.1IP) --